Fiamma Privacy Room for F80s/F65 awnings for H3 vehicles

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  • Fiamma F65 Privacy Room
  • Fiamma F65 Privacy Room
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Fiamma Privacy Room for F80s/F65 awnings for H3 vehicles

for H3 Ducato / Sprinter / Crafter

Price From: £1,251.00


Fiamma Privacy Room for F80s/F65 awnings for H3 vehicles

Designed for H3 vehicles and is Fiat Ducato H3 (after 06/2006), Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter, Citroen Jumper and Peugeot Boxer.

Fiamma Privacy Room for F80s/F65 Awning H3 Contents:

1 x Front panel(s) and door

2 x Side panels

1 x Curtain kit for all the windows of the enclosure

1 x Mega Bag to store Privacy Room and poles

Fast Clip System for securing the panels to the awning canopy.

For awnings longer than 320cm, extra front panels will be added to extend the room to the required size.

Just order the actual size you require from the drop down menu above and we will sort everything else for you.

This Privacy Room has been upgraded to include improved fabric, a more water-resistant door and restyled curtains.

Always a popular feature are the Crystal full light windows which are fitted with mosquito nets and curtains.  The windows include a thick Velcro strip for safe closing.

The door can be positioned on either the front left or right side.

The panels are secured to the awning canopy using the patented Fiamma ‘Fast Clip’ internal lever hook system.  The front and side panels are joined using zips, thus giving a secure closing.  No other fixing system is as stable as the Fiamma Fast Clip

The front panel slides into the front rail of the awning and is joined to the side panels through zippers.

Due to the shape and height of the H3 vehicle, the rear poles are not included with this Room as they cannot be fitted.

To view or download fitting instructions Click Here


How to measure

Awning size (shown as “A” in the picture above).   If you are unsure of your awning size, measure the awning as it sits on the vehicle (there’s no need to unwind it) and include the outer end caps in the measurement.

Measure the height (shown as “B” in the picture above).  To do this, measure from the underside of the awning casing down to the ground.  We would advise taking a few different measurements in cases of uneven ground.  The drop has to be 245cm in order to suit.

The awning extension when wound out is 250cm.  This is the standard extension on the F80s & F65 awning canopies.

To see the range of F80s/F65 Awnings please click here




DescriptionCodes  Codes 
  320cm  08368A01-     08364-01-21628     17349
  340cm08368A01-      08364A01-21628     17351
  370cm 08368A01-     08364C01-21628     17355
 400cm 08368A01-     08364E01-21628     17352  
  425cm 08368A01-     08364F01-21628     17357  
  450cm08368A01-     08364H01-21628     17354