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Fiamma F80s Roof Mounted Awning

3 Casing Colours Available

Price From: £679.00


Fiamma F80s Roof Mounted Awning for van conversions and motorhomes


The F80s has been re-designed and is structurally smaller than the previous F65s awning therefore, the shape integrates better with the contours of most modern vehicles.  

There is a Dual LED profile on the lead bar and rear case for the addition of the optional LED Strip Awning full-length lighting kit.  Click here to view

A Triple Guide has been incorporated on the front lead bar which enables, for example, two front panels and other awning accessories to be fitted at the same time.

The F80s Awning has aluminium end caps made from colour coated aluminium to give extra strength.

The extra-Strong, reinforced arms are now wider and include double steel cable, giving optimum tension.

A Fiamma aluminium, centre tension rafter is provided as standard for all awnings 400cm and above in size.

The awning opens and closes using the crank handle provided and uses a winding mechanism.

The Fiamma F80s Roof Mounted Awning is made from extra strong extruded aluminium giving it a highly resistant external coating and is available in either Polar White, Titanium or Deep Black.   The canopy colours available are Royal Grey or Royal Blue.

Awning Measurements

Description    Awning Length A    Canopy Length B    Extension C    Shade Surface    Weight   
 F80s 290   290cm 278cm 200cm 5.6m2  27kg
 F80s 320 320cm 308cm 250cm 7.7m2 29kg
 F80s 340 340cm 328cm 250cm 8.2m2 30kg
 F80s 370 370cm 358cm 250cm 9.0m2 32kg
 F80s 400* 400cm 388cm 250cm 9.7m2 34kg
 F80s 425* 425cm 412cm 250cm 10.3m2 35k
 F80s 450* 450cm 431cm 250cm  10.8m2 36.5kg

* 1 Centre Rafter included

There are more than 40 bracket kits available for the F80s Awning click here to view or simply type the sku number into the search box

Size and Bracket guide

** Please follow the recommended awning lengths below, as they follow the measurements of the fixing points as provided by the vehicle manufacturers

Ducato-Boxer-JumperVehicle HeightVehicle LengthAwning **Bracket sku number
Before 06/2006H2 (2524mm)L2 (5099mm)F80s 29098655-373 or 98655-693
Before 06/2006H2 (2524mm)L3 (5599mm)F80s 34098655-373 or 98655-693
After 06/2006H2 (2524mm)L2 (5416mm)F80s 32098655Z149 or 98655Z150
After 06/2006H2 (2524mm)L3 (5998mm)F80s 37098655Z149 or 98655Z150
After 06/2006H2 (2524mm)L4 (6363mm)F80s 40098655-904
After 06/2006H3 (2764mm)L2 (5416mm)F80s 32098655-656
After 06/2006H3 (2764mm)L3 (5998mm)F80s 37098655-656
After 06/2006H3 (2764mm)L4 (6363mm)F80s 40098655-656


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 To view or download fitting instructions Click Here


DescriptionRoyal GreyRoyal Blue
290cm P/White07830A01R     1860007830A01Q     18601
320cm P/white07830B01R     1860207830B01Q     18603
340cm P/white07830C01R     1860407832C01Q     18605
370cm P/white07830D01R    1860607830D01Q     18607
400cm P/white07830E01R     1860807830E01Q     18609
425cm P/white07830F01R     1860107830F01Q     18611
450cm P/White07830G01R     1861207830G01Q     18613
290cm Titanium07832A01R     1862007832A01Q     18621
320cm Titanium07832B01R     1862207832B01Q     18623
340cm Titanium07832C01R     1862407832C01Q     18625
370cm Titanium07832D01R     1862607832D01Q     18627
400cm Titanium07832E01R     1862807832E01Q     18629
425cm Titanium07832F01R     1863007832F01Q     18631
450cm Titanium07832G01R    1863207832G01Q     18633
290cm Black07831A01R     18640—- N/A —-
320cm Black07831B01R     18641—- N/A —-
340cm Black07831C01R     18642—- N/A —-
370cm Black07831D01R     18643—- N/A —-
400cm Black07831E01R     18644—- N/A —-
425cm Black07831F01R     18645—- N/A —-
450cm Black07831A01R     18646—- N/A —-