Fiamma Carry Bike T6 Pro

  • Fiamma Carry Bike T6 Pro
  • Fiamma Carry Bike T6 Pro

Fiamma Carry Bike T6 Pro

Deep Black Finish

Price From: £564.00


Fiamma Carry Bike T6 Pro Deep Black

2023 Model

Can be installed on





California campervans after 2014

This 2023 model has been restyled to include improved aesthetics and more simple assembly and installation.

It can carry up to 4 bikes or 2 electric bikes

The T6 Pro bike rack is suitable for vehicles with a raised roof and also suitable for VW T6 vehicles with electric tailgate. The vehicle tailgate can also be opened whilst the Carry Bike is mounted but the bikes will need to be removed.

Technical Information

Vertical wheelbase: 85cm

Horizontal wheelbase (distance between the brackets): 153cm

Dimensions: 128cm x 67cm x 85cm (this measurement is taken with the rail support base in the standard open position and in models with a minimum adjustable vertical wheelbase).

Distance between the rails: 15cm

The Fiamma Licence Plate Carrier is an optional extra click here to view

To view or download the fitting instructions click here

Fiamma Carry Bike T6 Pro contents

Vehicle typeVolkswagen
Bikes carried standard2
Maximum Bikes4
Weight of Carry Bike13kg
Max Load60kg
Bike Block Pro S 11
Bike Block Pro S 21 (+ 1 for 3 bike option)
Bike Block Pro S 31
Bike Block Pro S 41 for 4 bike option
Rail Premium2 (3 for 3 & 4 bike option)     
Kit Rail Premium 481 with 4 bike option


02094c08A  13322-23

Rail premium             98656M150     14521

Rail Premium 48       98656M147     14526

Bike Block Pro S 2     07215M01A    14541

Bike Block Pro S 4     07215P01A     14547