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Fiamma Licence Plate Carrier

Fiamma Carry Bike Licence Plate Carrier

Price From: £175.00


Fiamma Licence Plate Carrier

Licence number plate holder bar with regulation lights for Fiamma Carry Bikes.

Ideal to be installed on Carry Bikes with double rear doors where the rail support covers the lights and the number plate of the vehicle.

Easy to install on the Carry bike rail support with the brackets included.

The bar turns 90° so it can be correctly positioned both on the open and closed rail support.

Comes complete with 13 pole socket for a rapid connection to the electric installation of the vehicle.

The Fiamma Licence Plate Carrier has been updated and is now compatible with the Carry Bike VW Crafter Frame.

Dimensions: 131 x 16.5 x 7.5 cm

Length: 131cm

Weight: 2.4kg

Aluminium finish with black ends

Deep Black finish which is all black

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Deep Black   06146C01A    14789

Aluminium  06146C01-   14788