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Fiamma Mega Bags

Price From: £33.50


Fiamma Mega Bags

A strong and sturdy range of bags.  Not only are they ideal for storing the Fiamma Privacy Room, it can also be used to store the individual front and side blocker panels.

Colour: black and grey

3 Fiamma Mega Bags available:

Mega Bag Light – The Fiamma Mega Bag Light is a durable storage solution for Fiamma Privacy Room components, including front and side walls, and other accessories like skis.

This bag measures 140 x 25 x 25cm.


Mega Bag Smart Large – Features include a reinforced shoulder strap for ease of transportation.  Long enough to transport skis.

With Velcro straps and small studded holes to allow any water residue to escape.

Measurements: 195cm x 25cm x 25cm


Mega Bag Elite – This Fiamma Mega Bag Elite has been upgraded from the previous model and now features a reinforced base and additional side reinforcement panels.

This Elite version is also equipped with wheels mounted on ball bearings for ease of transportation.

Measurements: 150cm x 27cm x 40cm

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Mega Bag Smart L08374A01-   30037
Mega Bag Elite08373-01-    30034