Fiamma F45 Zip Awning

  • Fiamma F45 Zip Awning
  • Fiamma F45 Zip Awning
  • Fiamma Zip Awning
  • Fiamma Zip Awning
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Fiamma F45 Zip Awning

Full awning with Zip canopy & Zip Privacy Room

Price From: £1,890.00


Fiamma  F45 Zip Awning

This is a complete unit comprising of awning canopy and Privacy Room enclosure.  The awning canopy has zip profiles on the sides which enables it to be assembled using the zips on the privacy room.

The Privacy Room has a Base Unit of 300cm Medium or Large.  Extra Front Panels are added to complete the Room to the required size.  When ordering, just select the actual size required and we will sort out the rest. 

The new restyled look benefits from widened windows, rounded contours and the addition of grey tones.  These improvements make the product more stylish and modern. 

The front panels are interchangeable, so the door and window can be mounted on either the left or right.

Fiamma F45 Zip  is the only wind out awning with front and side panels using ZIP fasteners .


1 x  Fiamma F45s or F45L Zip awning Canopy

3 x installation brackets (Kit AS)

1 x front panel with door and window with mosquito net (or two front panels depending on the size)

2 x side panels with windows with mosquito net

1 x Rapid Set installation kit  (2 aluminium tension poles)

1 x central tension rafter

Vehicle skirting

Storage Mega Bag

To view or download Zip F45S canopy instructions Click Here

To view or download Zip F45L canopy instructions Click Here

To view or download the Privacy Room fitting instructions click here

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How to measure

DescriptionAwning Length (A)     Height from Ground (B)    Extension (C)   Shade Surface    Weight
ZIP F45s 300 – Medium       306cm225-250cm250cm7.1m242.4 kg   
ZIP F45s 350 – Medium356cm225-250cm250cm8.3m246.3 kg
ZIP  F45L 400 – Medium406cm225-250cm250cm9.6m258.4 kg
ZIP F45L 450 – Medium  *456cm225-250cm250cm10.1m262.4 kg
ZIP F45s 300 – Large306cm251-280cm250cm7.1m242.6 kg
ZIP F45s 350 – Large356cm251-280cm250cm8.3m246.5 kg
ZIP F45L 400 – Large406cm251-280cm250cm9.6m258.6 kg
ZIP F45L 450 – Large  *456cm251-280cm250cm10.1m262.6 kg

 * 1 x Rafter & Door Pole included

Exclusive to Fiamma with patented design

Canopy colours available:- Royal Grey or Royal Blue

Enclosure is White and Grey  and made of vinyl fabric

Vehicle: for motorhomes, caravans and van conversions.  Please note: For caravans – check with a fitter, converter or your caravan dealer where the strengthening points are.  The caravan wall will need to be sturdy enough to take the weight of the awning.

300 Medium1734408365-01-
300 Large1734608365A01-
50cm Panel1735008364B01-
100 cm Panel1735208364E01-
150cm Panel 1735408364H01-
canopy size   Grey Canopy  Blue Canopy
30006463A01R   1728006463A01Q   17281
35006463B01R   1728206463B01Q   17283
40006531-01R    1728406531-01Q     17285
45006531A01R    1728606531A01Q    17287