Fiamma Dust Guard

  • Fiamma Dust Guard
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Fiamma Dust Guard

for carry bikes & deluxe ladders



Fiamma Dust Guard

Rubber guard for the Fixing-Bars on Carry-Bikes and Deluxe ladders

The rubber strip fits into the fixing bar profile to prevent the accumulation of debris inside the bar when not in use

Length: 240cm

Colour: Black


Fixing Bar Carry-Bike
Carry-Bike 200 DJ Ducato > 2006
Carry-Bike 200 DJ Ducato < 2006
Carry-Bike 200 DJ Sprinter
Carry-Bike Mercedes Viano
Carry-Bike Ford Custom
Carry-Bike M. V Class Premium
Carry-Bike M. V Class Lift E-Bike
Deluxe DJ Ducato ladder
Deluxe DJ Ducato H3 ladder
Deluxe DJ Sprinter ladder













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