Fiamma Drip Stop

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Fiamma Drip Stop

available in 5 sizes & 3 colours

Price From: £13.90


Fiamma Drip Stop

The Drip Stop mini gutter is designed to eliminate black streaks from vehicles.

The gutter is made from wide-base flexible, polyvinyl Adhesive acrylic foam.

It is also reinforced with aluminium strips to guarantee a long life and great adhesion.

Easy to install.  Just simply peel off the backing tape.

UV-ray proof.

Colours available: White or Grey or Black.

Available in 5 lengths.

For over doors: 75cm long.

For vehicle walls: 200 cm upwards.

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Drip Stop 75cm Grey03922-01G         28174
Drip Stop 75cm White03922-01-          28180
Drip Stop 75cm Black03922-01A         28182
Drip Stop 200cm Black03922E01A        28184
Drip Stop 300cm Grey03922A01G        28176
Drip Stop 300cm White03922A01-         28190
Drip Stop 500cm Black03922F01A        28186
Drip Stop 1000cm Grey03922D01G       28171
Drip Stop 1000cm White03922D01-        28192