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Fiamma Carry Bike VW T5 Pro

Fiamma Carry Bike VW T5 Pro

Price From: £497.00


Fiamma Carry Bike VW T5 Pro

This carrier is specifically designed to fit the rear door of Volkswagen T5.  Installation is made easy with the standard delivered brackets.

No drilling of the vehicle required.

This model has been redesigned and is quick and simple to fit by fixing the upper brackets to the reinforced points on the rear of the vehicle.

The brackets have plastic supports in the centre.

Designed to ensure the lower part of the carrier does not lean against the bumper.

Equipped with double lower reinforcing bar to ensure maximum stability

The new shape of the rail support base, together with the Kit Rail Premium 48 (included with 4 bike option) ensures excellent visibility of the central brake light when adding a fourth bike.

The stylish design harmoniously follows the line of the vehicle without covering lights or number plate.

Please Note: The Kit Rail Premium 48 is a 2 part rail to be used for the positioning of the fourth bike. This is used to maintain a clear view of the rear window brake light.

Fiamma Carry Bike VW T5 Pro Technical information

  Description     Carry Bike VW T5 Pro    
  Vehicle type  Campervan
  Bikes carried standard   2
  Maximum Bikes                                    4
  Weight of Carry Bike  14kg
  Max Load  60kg 
  Bike Block Pro S D1   1
  Bike Block Pro S D2  1 (+ 1 for 3 bike option)
  Bike Block Pro S D3  1 for 4 bike option
  Security Strip  1
  Rail Premium  2 (3 for 3 bike option)     
  Kit Rail Premium 48 1 with 4 bike option
  Brackets  Yes

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02093E71A     13318

Bike Block Pro S D1           07215D01A      14548

Bike Block Pro S D2          07215E01A       14550

Bike Block Pro S D3          07215F01A       14552

Rail Premium                     98656M131       14512

Kit Rail Premium 48        98656M087      14522