Fiamma Caravanstore Zip XL Canopy & Privacy Room

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Fiamma Caravanstore Zip XL Canopy & Privacy Room

Awning Canopy & Privacy Room

Price From: £1,403.00


Fiamma Caravanstore Zip XL Canopy & Privacy Room

The Caravanstore ZIP comes complete with the Fiamma awning canopy and Privacy Room.

This innovative zip system joins the side panels to the awning’s fabric to make a complete enclosure.  In no time, the awning is transformed to double your living space.

The Room comes as a standard base unit size of 310cm XL.  Then, depending on the size required,  extra Front Panels are used to complete the Room.  When ordering, just select the actual size you require and we will sort out the rest. (for example, if you require 410cm XL, the base room will be 310cm and a 100cm panel will be added to make it 410 XL)

Front and side panels are composed of openable Crystal windows equipped with mosquito net. High velcro layer for a safe closing of the window.

Colours & Materials:
Enclosure with White and Grey vinyl fabric.
Awning with Grey bag and canopy in either Royal Grey or Royal Blue

Front Panel:
Front panels are interchangeable. This means that door and window can be mounted on either the front left or right hand side.


The new Flexiblock system strengthens the rafter tension for the 250cm extension.

It has a re-designed and more sturdy roller tube with improved rafter support legs.

Improved support poles and side panels.

Delivered as standard with:

Front panel with window with mosquito net and Door Panel

Grey Curtain Kit for windows

Side panels with windows with mosquito net

Rapid Set CS installation kit (2+2 aluminium tension poles)

Elastic hooks for secure fixing

Bag for storing and transporting the Privacy Room.

To view or download the canopy fitting instructions click here

To view or download privacy room instructions Click Here

Fiamma Caravanstore Zip XL Canopy & Privacy Room information

DescriptionAwning length AHeight from ground BExtension CCanopy length DShade surfaceWeight
Caravanstore ZIP XL 280288cm240-260cm250cm254cm6.4m226kg
Caravanstore ZIP XL 310318cm240-260cm250cm284cm7.1m28kg
Caravanstore ZIP XL 360*369cm240-260cm250cm334cm8.4m231kg
Caravanstore ZIP XL 410 *419cm240-260cm250cm384cm9.6m33kg
Caravanstore ZIP XL 440 **449cm240-260cm250cm414cm10.3m235.6kg
Caravanstore ZIP XL 500 ***509cm240-260cm250cm465cm11.6m240.2kg
Caravanstore ZIP XL 550 ***559cm240-260cm250 cm515cm12.8m241.3kg
* Caravanstore Support Leg included
** Caravanstore Rafter & Support Leg included
*** 2 Caravanstore Support Legs included

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