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Fiamma Aqua F Pump 12v

10 Litre & 13 Litre

Price From: £114.00


Fiamma Aqua F Pump 12v

This is a Self-priming diaphragm pump with 4 chambers, designed to give a greater flow of water

The Fiamma Aqua F pump 12v is equipped with an innovative inner membrane, made of one single piece to ensure a watertight seal.  It has an anti-vibration base, brass pressure switch with fixed calibration and an external filter for easy maintenance.

It has an enhanced motor with high efficiency to ensure high capacity with low power consumption.

The pump can be installed in any position and importantly, it can run dry without causing damage.

The change from 3 to 4 pistons together with the increase in displacement allows the new Aqua F a flow rate of up to 10 Litres per minute.

The 10 Litre is perfect for standard circuits where a high flow rate is not required.  The 13 Litre pump is suited to situations where a higher flow rate is required.

Key Features at a glance

High capacity with low power consumption

More balanced pressure

Rubber membrane in a single piece

Compact mechanical transmission

Anti vibration base

Install in any position

Can run dry without causing damage

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