Fiamma Vehicle Skirting

  • Fiamma Vehicle Skirting
  • VW T5 / T6 Side Skirt
  • Ducato Side
  • Caravan Skirting
  • Ducato Rear Skirting
  • VW T5 / T6 Rear
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Fiamma Vehicle Skirting

Fiamma Vehicle Skirting

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Fiamma Vehicle Skirting

Designed to give protection against the wind and drafts.

The Ducato version is suitable for the following wheel base:

L2 length of the vehicle 5416mm 

L3 length of the vehicle 5998mm 

L4 length of the vehicle 6363mm 

The Caravan version slides into the standard rail on the vehicle.

The Motorhome and Caravan versions come delivered as standard with installation kit which includes press studs and skirting protection for the wheel arch gaps.  This version will need to be drilled, however some people prefer to use strong, hooked suction cups.

The Ducato and VW T5 / T6 versions are delivered as standard with elastic fixing straps, wheel cover and magnets.

The Ducato and VW T5 / T6 rear skirt offers protection against wind and rain and is often used together with the Rear Door Cover.  click here  to view.

Fiamma Vehicle Skirting sizes

  Model  Size    Weight
  Motorhome  550cm (L) x 60cm (H)  1.7kg
  Ducato  497cm (L) x 42cm (H)  1.4kg
  Caravan  450cm (L) x 60cm (H)  1.2kg
  VW T5 / T6  250cm (L) x 42cm (H)  1.1kg
Model Codes
Motorhome98655-090       21370
Caravan98655-084       21369
Ducato Side98655-405       21367
T5 / T6 Side98655-387       21368
Ducato Rear06469-01-       21366
T5 / T6 Rear06538-01-       21365