Fiamma Ultra Box

  • Fiamma Ultra Box
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  • Fiamma Ultra Box 320
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  • Fiamma Ultra Box 360
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  • Fiamma Ultra Box 500

Fiamma Ultra Box

320,  360  &  500

Price From: £501.00


Fiamma Ultra Box

The rear boxes for motorcaravans and minivans.  Made from a high quality ABS-PLUS to provide high resistance against impact and weather conditions including UV rays.

All Ultra Boxes are co-extruded with extra thickness to prevent deterioration and are supplied with stainless steel hinges and aluminium fitting kit (for use in conjunction with Fiamma Carry Bikes).

Equipped with a watertight seal.

Comes with a flexible net to secure items when travelling.


The Ultra Boxes can be installed on Fiamma Carry Bikes using the included carry bike fitting kit.  It can also be installed directly onto the back of the vehicle using the optional installation kit (product code 98654-005)  click here to view

Please Note: The Ultra Boxes are not suitable for bike racks with off-set rails.

GS/TÜV approved

To view or download fitting instructions click here

Fiamma Ultra Box information

  Ultra Box  Capacity  Dimensions  Weight
  320  320 Litres  100cm x 70cm x 53cm  12kg
  360  360 Litres  147cm x 68cm x 38cm  14kg
  500  500 Litres  147cm x 70cm x 53cm  17kg


Ultra Box 320    04147-01-     24180

Ultra Box 360    02801-01-    24190

Ultra Box 500    04148-01-    24170