Fiamma Table Leg & Bases

  • Fiamma Table Leg & Bases
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Fiamma Table Leg & Bases

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Fiamma Table Legs & Bases

The letters in the list below correspond with the pictures above.

A – Fiamma Tube Pro Table Leg made from sturdy anodised aluminium and comes with a tapered cap on each end.  The Leg length is 70cm but it can be cut to suit.  The Tube diameter is 5.5cm.

B – Fiamma Tripod Pro can be used to move the table outdoors.  It has been updated and reinforced to give more stability and is now made of UV resistant plastic –

C – Conic Connection comes with self tapping screws.  This is the base to fit he tube pro into.

D – Recessed Connection for fitting the Tube Pro. It comes with self tapping screws.

E – Plastic Cap for covering the recessed connection.

F – Adapter for Tube Pro.  This enables the Tube Pro to be fixed to the wall.


Description  codes  codes 
Cover Cap02411-01B30030
Conic ConnectionC5063-01-30011
Recessed ConnectionC0331-01-30020
Tripod Pro06362-01-30041
Tube Pro06375A01-30041
Tube Pro Adapter98655-60529972