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  • Fiamma Universal Spoiler

Fiamma Spoilers

Fiamma Spoilers

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Fiamma Spoilers

3 versions available

Spoiler for 40 x 40 Vents

Works by channelling the air smoothly around your existing vent, thereby reducing both wind resistance and noise levels.
Made of UV-resistant ABS plastic
Easy to install using the roof vent screws but can be attached with suitable adhesives like SIKA (not included)
Designed to fit most sizes of rooflights by using the spacers included. 
Dimensions: 49cm x 21cm x 9cm

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Universal Spoiler

Ideal for reducing vibrations and rooflight noise while travelling
Made with UV-ray resistant sturdy PVC material. It can be cut to adapt to different rooflights. Dimensions from 28cm – 110cm
Easy to install without tools and without drilling the roof: Can be attached with suitable adhesives such as SIKA (not included). 
Comes with smart lateral aerodynamic end caps.  Dimensions: 110cm x 20cm x 12cm

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Spoiler S

Optional Spoiler for Fiamma F45 awnings with an exclusive design to reduce wind resistance and also improving the aesthetics of the vehicle.  The Spoiler offers protection against damage and noise by reducing wind resistance.  Easy to adapt to all brands of awnings. It can be attached either right or left

Made of ABS PLUS with coextruded UV protection.  We recommend only SIKA 225 for wall fastening (not included)
Colour: White (Polar White)
Dimensions: 16cm x 15.5cm
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Universal spoiler    06289-01-      20095

Vent Spoiler            03585-01-       27010

Spoiler S                  05150-01A      20096