Fiamma Side W Pro Blocker Panel

  • Fiamma Side W Pro Blocker Panel
  • Fiamma Side W Pro Panel
  • Fiamma Side W Pro Panel
  • Fiamma Side W Pro Panel
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Fiamma Side W Pro Blocker Panel

for F45, F80, F70 & F65 Awnings

Price From: £209.00


Fiamma Side W Pro Blocker Panel

Wil fit F45, F65, F80s and F70 Awnings.

The Panel has a large, full light Crystal window and a vinyl extension to the floor.

Made of rot-proof vinyl with an extension to the floor. It is a washable fabric with UV protection.

Simple to install using the telescopic rafter, elastic hooks and pegs provided.

Suitable for Fiamma awnings from 3metres long upwards (apart from the F45 Van Version)

Also suitable for other awning brands by purchasing the optional adapter kit.  click here to view

The side W Pro panel is not handed so can be installed on either side of the awning.

The Version Side W Pro Van is also suitable for the Omnistor 5102 awning with the optional kit side adapter.

The Kit Side adapters enable the installation of Side W Pro F45 on F70, F65 and F80 awnings and on Omnistor 5002/5003/4900 and Tristor/Tristor2 awnings

Check compatibility for the Fiamma Side W Pro Blocker Panel

F70F80/F65S/F65LPanel Width “A”Height from ground “B”Weight
Side W Pro F45/F70/F65/F80Kit Side adapter neededKit side adapter needed  230cm225-280 cm4.2kg
Side W Pro XXL F45/F70/F65/F80Kit Side adapter neededKit Side adapter needed230cm280-330 cm4.5kg
Side W Pro Van Vanxx190cm180-200 cm3.4kg
✔ = suitable without adapter
x = not suitable or compatible


Product Codes for adapter kits.  Simply type either code into the search box or click here

Adapter for:Product Codes
Kit Side F7098661-001   or   21388
Kit Side F8098661-017   or   20726
Kit Side F65S/F65L98655-073   or  20664
Kit Side Omnistor 5002/500398655-311    or   21391
Kit Side Tristor98655-079   or   21392
kit Side Omnistor 4900/Tristor 298655-927   or   21393