Fiamma Rafter LED Caravanstore

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Fiamma Rafter LED Caravanstore

for Caravanstore & F35 Pro



Fiamma Rafter LED Caravanstore

Suitable for the Fiamma Caravanstore and F35 Pro Awnings.

Complete with spring terminal to be easily installed when the awning is open.

Comes equipped with 5m supply cable with plug for connection to the lighter socket.

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Fiamma Rafter LED Caravanstore Technical Information

DescriptionRafter LED Caravanstore
LED colourNeutral White
Tone4000 ° K
Light Cone Angle120 °
Power12 V
Electrical input1.25A
Absorbed power13w

* Chip On Board: LED strips that create homogeneous lines of light without the classic dotted effect.

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