Fiamma Privacy Room for F80L Awning

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Fiamma Privacy Room for F80L Awning

for F80L Awnings

Price From: £1,332.00


Fiamma Privacy Room for F80L Awning

This Fiamma Privacy Room consists of side and front panels with roll-up windows fitted with mosquito nets and grey curtains.   The door panel can be positioned on the left or right side of the enclosure.

This Privacy Room is made from a UV protected & water resistant washable vinyl fabric.

The panels are joined to the awning fabric using the patented Fiamma ‘Fast Clip’ internal lever hook system.

The front and side panels are joint together by zips.

The windows are equipped with a thick Velcro strip for safe closing.

Key Features of Fiamma Privacy Room for F80L Awning

Quick installation with patented Fiamma Fast Clip System

Ideal for all seasons

Roll-up Crystal full light windows with mosquito net and curtains

Pegs for safe anchoring included

Complete with Mega Bag to store Privacy Room and poles

To find the Privacy Room you require, simply take a few measurements and follow our guide below.

Firstly, you will need to know the exact length of awning that the Room is being fitted to.  If you don’t have this information, measure your awning as it sits on the vehicle (no need to unwind it) measure the awning from outer end cap to outer end cap and include the end caps in the overall measurement.

Next, measure from the underside of the awning casing down to the ground.  We advise you take a few measurements in case of uneven ground.  This measurement will determine whether you need the XL or XXL Privacy Room.

The Privacy Room is made as a standard base model of 300cm in XL or XXL.  As the size increases, extra front panels are included to make up the required size.  When ordering, just select the actual size you require in the drop down box and we will sort out the rest.

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DescriptionAwning length “A”Height from ground “B”Extension “C”
F80L XL 450cm450cm245cm – 280cm275cm
F80L XL 500cm500cm245cm – 280cm275cm
F80L XL 550cm550cm245cm – 280cm275cm
F80L XL 600cm600cm245cm – 280cm275cm
F80L XXL 450cm450cm281cm – 310cm275cm
F80L XXL 500cm500cm281cm – 310cm275cm
F80L XXL 550cm550cm281cm – 310cm275cm
F80L XXL 600cm600cm281cm – 310cm275cm

To view Fiamma F80L Awnings click here

450 XL08370-01-     08364H01-21705    17354
500 XL08370-01-     08364M01-21705    17358
550 XL08370-01-     08364M01-    08364B01-21705    17358     17350
600 XL08370-01-     08364M01-    08364E01-21705    17358     17352
450 XXL08370A01-    08364H01-21706    17354
500 XXL08370A01-    08364M01-21706    17358
550 XXL08370A01-    08364M01-    08364B01-21706    17358     17350
600 XXL08370A01-    08364M01-    08364E01-21706    17358     17352