Fiamma Privacy Room for F45 Awnings

  • Fiamma Privacy Room for F45 Awnings
  • Fiamma Privacy Room F45S & F45Ti
  • Fiamma Privacy Room F45S & F45Ti
  • Fiamma Privacy Room F45S & F45Ti
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  • Fiamma_Privacy_Room_for_F45
  • Fiamma_Privacy_Room_for_F45_Awnings
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Fiamma Privacy Room for F45 Awnings

Fiamma Privacy Room F45

Price From: £1,004.00


Fiamma Privacy Room for F45 Awnings

The easy way to double your living space.  The Fiamma Privacy Room is the only enclosure that allows full aeration on all windows.  With the Privacy Room you can transform your awning canopy into a comfortable living area.  The new look benefits from widened windows with rounded contours and the addition of grey tones.  These improvements make the room more stylish and modern

The Privacy Room is made as a standard base model of 300cm in medium or large height.  As the size increases, extra front panels are included to make up the required size.  When ordering, just select the actual size you require and we will sort out the rest.

260 & 300 Van version is for the VW T5 & T6.  The 300 size will consist of the 260 Room with aa extra 40cm panel.

The Privacy Room is designed for F45s and F45L awnings but also fits the Omnistor 5002, 5003, 4900 and Tristor 2.

Features of Fiamma Privacy Room F45 Awnings

Windows: Front and side panels are composed of openable Crystal windows equipped with mosquito net.

The Clip System works with the principle of the two profiles hinged with the spring-system Quick Lock and fastened with a Sandwich mechanism.   Made of anodised aluminium.

Materials: UV resistant, water resistant and washable vinyl fabric.

Colour:  white /grey.

Front Panel: Front panels are interchangeable. This means that door and window can be used on either the left-hand side or on the right-hand side.

Delivered as standard with

Front panel with door panel and window with mosquito net

2 x side panels with windows with mosquito net

Curtain kit for all the windows of the enclosure

Fast Clip System kit for quick and easy installation

Elastic ropes with quick hooks

Mega Bag for storage when the room is not in use

To view or download the fitting instructions click the links below

Fiamma F45 Privacy Room

Fiamma F45 Privacy Room Van

Table of Measurements

DescriptionAwning length “A”Height from ground “B”Extension “C”Weight
Privacy Room 260 & 300 Van260cm180-220cm200cm23.7kg & 23.9kg
Privacy Room 300 – Medium300cm225-250cm250cm24.4kg
Privacy Room 325 – Medium325cm225-250cm250cm24.6kg
Privacy Room 350 – Medium350cm225-250cm250cm24.9kg
Privacy Room 375 – Medium375cm225-250cm250cm25.2kg
Privacy Room 400 – Medium400cm225-250cm250cm25.4kg
Privacy Room 425 – Medium425cm225-250cm250cm25.6kg
Privacy Room 450 – Medium450cm225-250cm250cm25.9kg
Privacy Room 300 – Large

Privacy Room 325 – Large









Privacy Room 350 – Large350cm251-280cm250cm25.2kg
Privacy Room 375 – Large375cm251-280cm250cm25.5kg
Privacy Room 400 – Large400cm251-280cm250cm25.7kg
Privacy Room 425 – Large425cm251-280cm250cm26.0kg
Privacy Room 450 – Large450cm251-280cm250cm26.2kg
Privacy Room 500 – Large500cm251-280cm250cm26.7kg
Privacy Room 550 – Large550cm251-280cm250cm27.2kg

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260 – Van08366-01-21620
300 Van08366-01- & 08367-01-21620 & 17353
300 – Medium Room08366A01-21622
300 – Large Room08366B01-21624
25 cm Panel08364N01-21707
50cm Panel08364B01-17350
75cm Panel08364D01-17356
100cm Panel08364E01-17352
125cm Panel08364F01-17357
150cm Panel08364H01-17354
200cm Panel08364M01-17358