Fiamma Level Bag

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Fiamma Level Bag

Fiamma Level Bag & Level Bag S



Fiamma Level Bag

This bag is suitable for your Level Up and Chock, Level Up Jumbo, Level Pro or Level System Magnum.  Just choose the option to suit using the information below.

Made of Polyester to make it washable.  It’s the must have accessory to store the Level Up away and to carry it easily thanks to its comfortable shoulder strap.

Available in 2 versions:

Level Bag: For Level Up and Level Up Jumbo

Dimensions: 65cm x 24.5cm x 18.5cm

Level Bag S: For Level Pro, Level System Magnum and Wheel Saver

Dimensions: 57cm x 22cm x 15cm

Colour: Black/Grey

Please Note: Levellers NOT included with this Fiamma Level Bag.  To view the range of Levellers and Jacks click here

Level Bag          05950A02B     29086

Level Bag S      05950B02B     29083