Fiamma LED Warning Solar Light

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Fiamma LED Warning Solar Light

Fiamma LED Warning Solar Light



Fiamma LED Warning Solar Light

Kit of two lights

Ideal for positioning around your caravan or motorhome to highlight areas that could be possible hazards or obstructions

Each light has a solar panel that recharges the internal batteries during the day

In twilight conditions switch the 6 red intermittent signal LEDs on for hours of use

The internal rechargeable batteries are capable of being recharged around 500 times

The lights also come with hooks as standard so they can be installed in different positions

They can be installed on steps, bike carrier rails, awnings enclosures, tie down straps and many more ways

DescriptionLED Warning Solar
LED colourintermittent Red
Light Cone Angle60 °
Tension2.4 V
Absorbtion12 A
Absorbed power0.03 W
Weight0.2 kg

98655-885  19896