Fiamma F80L Roof Mounted Awning

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Fiamma F80L Roof Mounted Awning

Price From: £1,163.00


Fiamma F80L Roof Mounted Awning

The Fiamma F80L is a winch operated awning is suitable for roof installation on large motorhomes and caravans.

Structurally strong and has strengthened arms to firmly hold the 275cm wind out extension.  It also has roller supports to help with the rolling of the fabric.

A triple guide in the awning’s front lead bar allows for installation of two optional front panels and other accessories.

An LED duct in the front lead bar and awning casing allow for optional LED kits to be integrated.

Dedicated installation brackets are available to purchase for this awning.

To view the range of F80 Brackets click here

Fiamma F80L Key Features:

Visible winch loop for ease of use.

Roller supports facilitate the rolling of the fabric and ensures it rolls in the correct direction and stays wrinkle free.

UV resistant, waterproof and washable vinyl fabric canopy.

Secure Lock for adjusting the height of the lead bar.

Strong structure to guarantee solidity with 275cm extension.

A triple guide allows for optional front panels and other accessories to be added.

An LED channel on the front lead bar and awning casing allow for LED light strips to be added.
To view or download fitting instructions Click Here

Measurements of the Fiamma F80L Roof Mounted Awning

Description Awning Length A Canvas Length Extension C Shade Surface Weight
F80L 450cm 454cm 438cm 275cm 12.0m2 27kg
F80L 500cm 497cm 480cm 275cm 13.2m2 29kg
F80L 550cm 547cm 530cm 275cm 14.6m2 30kg
F80L 600cm 597cm 580cm 275cm 16.0m2 32kg
DescriptionRoyal GreyRoyal Blue
450cm P/White07840G01R     1858007840G01Q     18581
500cm P/white07840H01R     1858207840H01Q    18583
550cm P/white07840L01R      1858407840L01Q     16585
600cm P/white07840M01R    1858607840M01Q    18587
450cm Titanium07842G01R     1858807842G01Q     18589
500cm Titanium07842H01R     1859007842H01Q     18591
550cm Titanium07842L01R      1859207842L01Q      18593
600cm Titanium07842M01R    1859407842M01Q     18595
450cm Black07841G01R     18596N/A
500cm Black07841H01R     18597N/A
550cm Black07841L01R     18598N/A
600cm Black07841M01R    18599N/A