Fiamma F45s Deep Black Casing

  • Fiamma F45s Deep Black Casing
  • Fiamma F45S Black Casing
  • Fiamma F45S Black Casing
  • Fiamma F45S Black Casing
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Fiamma F45s Deep Black Casing

Fiamma F45s Black Casing with Grey Canopy

Price From: £590.00


Fiamma F45s Deep Black Casing

New up-to-date model of the Fiamma F45s awning.

The ideal awning for your motorhome or campervan. Now available in three awning cassette colours, Polar White, Titanium or Deep Black.

The Fiamma F45s Motorcaravan Awning has been the number one leader in motor caravan and camper van awning for many years.

Made to the highest standards and using the finest quality materials and modern techniques, it is the only motorhome awning that is quick to erect, user friendly and silent during opening and closing thanks to the integral winch. It is designed to be quiet when travelling due to the aerodynamic shape.

Key Features of Fiamma F45s

Supplied with standard 3-piece AS120 or AS400 installation kit for fitting to side wall of motorhome.

Plastic Wall Brackets to install the legs against the side of the vehicle

Guy lines, pegs and winding handle.

New Innovations included with the F45s are, double lead bar guide, drip moulding, arms pre-set for LED Lighting.

Reinforced leg knuckles.

Awning Case material: Extra strong extruded aluminium.

Vehicle: Perfect for any vehicle from large motorhomes to camper vans.

To view or download the fitting instructions click here

To view the range of Fiamma F45 Awning Fixing Brackets click here

DescriptionAwning Length ‘A’Canopy Length ‘B’Canopy Extension ‘C’Shade SurfaceWeight
F45s 190cm *185cm169cm100cm1.7m211.5kg
F45s 230cm231cm214cm150cm3.2m216.5kg
F45s 260cm263cm247cm200cm4.9m219.5kg
F45s 300cm308cm292cm250cm7.3m223.0kg
F45s 325cm232cm307cm250cm7.7m223.2kg
F45s 350cm348cm331cm250cm8.3m225.0kg
F45s 375cm375cm357cm250cm8.9m226.0kg
F45s 400cm**398cm381cm250cm9.5m227.0kg
F45s 425cm**423cm405cm250cm10.1m228.2kg
F45s 450cm**448cm431cm250cm10.8m229.5kg

* The 190cm awning is for use over main door.  It does not have the vertical support legs.

** These sizes include the Fiamma Tension Rafter made of anodised aluminium.


190cm06759M01R     15190
230cm06759P01R       15192
260cm06759H01R      15200
300cm06759A01R      15210
325cm06759U01R      15215
350cm06759B01R      15220
375cm06759S01R      15226
400cm06759C01R      15230
425cm06759Q01R     15232
450cm06759G01R     15234