Fiamma Carry Bike CL

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  • Fiamma Carry Bike CL
  • Fiamma Carry Bike CL

Fiamma Carry Bike CL

Fiamma Carry Bike CL

Price From: £219.00


Fiamma Carry Bike CL

The Carry Bike CL is adaptable to many vehicles and can also be installed under the motorhome rear window

The solid yet light anodised aluminium structure is telescopic and has an adjustable height between 40 to 50cm

It is set to carry 2 bikes but can be easily adapted for a third bike.  Just select in drop down option above

To view or download instructions Click Here

  Description                  Carry Bike CL   
  Vehicle Type  Motorhome
  Vehicle Rear Window  Yes
  Bikes Carried Standard  2
  Bikes Carried Max  3
  TÜV  Yes
  Weight  5.6kg
  Max Load  55kg
  Strip Red  1
  Bike Block Pro 1  Optional
  Bike Block Pro 2  With 3 bike option
  Bike Block Pro 3  1
  Security Strip  1
  Rail Quick 128cm  2 or (3 with 3 Bike Option)
  Brackets  Yes

02093B87A      12196

Carry Bike CL02093B87A      12196
Rail Quick Pro Black98656-993       14474
Bike Block 2 Black04133A01A      14592
Bike Block 3 Black04133B01A      14602
Bike Block Pro 1 Black (optional)04133-01A       14582