Fiamma Carry Bike Hobby

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Fiamma Carry Bike Hobby

Fiamma Carry Bike Caravan Hobby

Price From: £228.00


Fiamma Carry Bike Hobby

The special upper brackets are standard delivered and positioned under the rail of the rear window.   The lower fixing kit is a central bracket.  The Telescopic frame Comes ready to carry 2 bikes but can be adapted to carry 3 bikes

Suitable for mounting on the rear wall of Hobby Caravans produced after 2003

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  Description  Carry-Bike Caravan Hobby   
  Vehicle type  caravan
  Bikes carried standard / max  2
  Maximum Bikes  3
  Strip Black   Yes
  Bike-Block Pro 2        For 3 Bike Option
  Bike-Block Pro 3   1
  Security Strip  Yes
  Weight / Max load  5.6
  Max Load  50kg
  Rail Quick   2 as Standard (3 with 3 Bike Option)     
  Brackets  Yes


02093A77A   12804

Bike Block 2 Black            04133A01A    14592

Rail Quick Pro Black        98656-993    14474