Fiamma Caravanstore XL Awning Grey Bag

  • Fiamma Caravanstore XL Awning Grey Bag
  • Fiamma Caravanstore XL Awning Canopy
  • Fiamma Caravanstore XL Awning Canopy
  • Fiamma Caravanstore XL Awning Canopy
  • Fiamma Caravanstore XL Awning Canopy
  • caravanstore awning

Fiamma Caravanstore XL Awning Grey Bag

with Grey Bag

Price From: £337.00


Fiamma Caravanstore XL Awning Canopy


The XL version has an increased extension of up to 250cm.

Awning Bag Colour – Grey.

This is the easy to use, sturdy and lightweight awning in a  bag with manual roll out opening.  The only awning for caravans and minivans with tubular rewind to maintain wrinkle-free fabric.

Made with ease of use in mind, the awning is simple to install.  The awning bead on the bag slides into the awning rail on the caravan and thanks to the patented wide roller, it only takes45 seconds to completely roll out.

The awning is housed in a soft but sturdy bag with handy self-lubricating zip and anti-scratch tape.

It comes fully equipped with a double guide on the lead bar allowing the installation of two front panels, for example: Privacy Room and Sun View XL, Blocker and Tie Down Kit S, Sun View XL and Awning Hangers.

The 360 model upwards has the ability of partial opening.

The legs are housed within the roller tube and are easy to take out when erecting as they are hinged and telescopic.  The awning legs can be secured to the ground or fixed diagonally back to the vehicle wall with brackets (see pictures above).

The awning comes with rubber pads to ensure protection of the caravan side wall.

Canopy Colours –  Royal Grey or Royal Blue

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Measurements for Fiamma Caravanstore XL Awning Canopy

 Description Awning Length A Canopy Length B Extension C Max Height to Ground Shade Surface Weight
 280 XL 286cm 254cm 250cm 225cm 6.4m 10.1kg
 310 XL 316cm 284cm 250cm 225cm 7.1m 11.2kg
 360 XL 366cm 334cm 250cm 225cm 8.4m 12.3kg
 410 XL * 415cm 384cm 250cm 225cm 9.6m2 13.5kg
 440 XL ** 448cm 414cm 250cm 225cm 10.4m 14.6kg
 500 XL *** 497cm 465cm 250cm 225cm 11.6m 15.8kg
 550 XL *** 547cm 515cm 250cm 225cm 12.9m 16.9kg

* 1 tension Rafter Caravanstore in anodised aluminium included
** 1 tension Rafter Caravanstore and 1 Caravanstore Support Leg in anodised aluminium included
*** 2 Caravanstore Support Legs included

 280 XL07740C01R    2363407740C01Q    23636
 310 XL07740D01R    2363807740D01Q    23640
 360 XL07740E01R    2364207740E01Q    23644
410 XL07740F01R    2364607740F01Q    23648
440 XL07740G01R    2365007740G01Q    23652
500 XL07740H01R    2365407740H01Q    23656
550 XL07740L01R    2365807740L01Q    23660