Fiamma Awning Patio Mat

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Fiamma Awning Patio Mat

Fiamma Awning Patio Mat

Price From: £84.50


Fiamma Awning Patio Mat

The essential awning mat for your awning and Privacy Room

The Patio-Mat is made of small polypropylene tubes, allowing the air to pass through leaving the carpet really light and easy to carry

It is easy to clean the dirt from the surface by rinsing with water

The Patio-Mat is washable, flame retardant and also UV resistant and maintains its colour over time


It comes complete with bands on the corners of the mat enabling it to be secured to the ground by using optional pegs

New for 2023 is the Fiamma Patio Mat 260.

Please Note:  The patio Mat Bag is not included and is available as an optional extra (Product Code 08206-01-) or click here to view

Fiamma Awning Patio Mat info

SizeDimensionsfor Awning lengthsWeightSurface cover
Patio Mat 260260 x 250cm260 – 280cm2.5kg6.5m2
Patio Mat 290290 x 250 cm300-310cm3.2kg7.25m2
Patio-Mat 340340 x 250 cm350-360cm3.5kg8.5m2
Patio Mat 390390 x 250 cm400-410cm3.8kg9.75m2
Patio Mat 440440 x 250cm440-450cm4.6kg11.25m2
Patio Mat 490490 x 250cm490-500cm4.9kg12.25m2
Patio Mat 26008756-01-30055
Patio Mat 29007681-01-30050
Patio Mat 34007682-01-30051
Patio Mat 39007683-01-30052
Patio Mat 44007684-01-30053
Patio Mat 49007701-01-30054