Fiamma Awning Arms LED Kit

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Fiamma Awning Arms LED Kit

for Fiamma Awning Arms



Fiamma Awning Arms LED Lighting Kit

LED lighting system made up of  4 LED strips mounted on a support which is easily attached to the awning arms

Its compact dimensions allow them to remain mounted during closing of the awning

Complete with supply of 5m cable for a rapid connection

Each strip contains 9 LED lights, which are isolated for external use

Low consumption

Easy mounting

Dimensions of each lights kit: L 30cm x W 1.7cm x H 0.7cm

DescriptionAwning Arms LED
LED colourCool White
Tone5000 ° K
Light Cone Angle120 °
N° LED9 per 30cm strip
Power12 V
Absorbed power4w
Weight0.3 kg

98655-849  28292